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Office Design Works is a total solution provider. We provide complete project management services including office renovations, moving, renewals as well as office work space planning and interior design and construction. We scrum a team for each project with a project manager, a designer and sales staff to pursue our client’s ideal office space. With our unique one-stop shopping services, we have succeeded in minimizing costs for our clients.



An ultimate goal of our team is to optimize the needs of our clients. We also provide after-sales service. We would like to maintain your new office space and our long-lasting relationship.


Providing the highest quality office interior design services

2. Implementing any possible measures to reduce costs with thorough cost management.

3. Tailoring to suite individual requirements by experienced both in-house and contract designers.



GOODYEAR Japan Co., Ltd.

The design is centering on the tread pattern which represents GOODYEAR. Its entire atmosphere is beautifully expressed with dynamic yet fine lines.



Brass signature and stone counter top are used for the chic wood-grain entrance to create simple and sophisticate atmosphere. The bronze mirror makes it even more spacious.


Celgene K.K.

The entrance, meeting room, refreshing room and others, each has unique design and gives different impression. In order for the staff to work being relaxed, partition walls have used glass to take natural sunlight in.


PRIJ Co., Ltd.

Each room has been made it as simple as possible for all kinds of purposes. Spacious area remains in the common space for visitors to get together and a sign and map board is set right in front of the elevator.


inSquare Ikebukuro

This is one of the largest incubation facilities in Tokyo where high-sensitive entrepreneurs gather and do daily business tasks. So the client and we put importance on comfort and sophisticated décor.


inSquare Ueno

This is a rental office and incubation facility operated by at OFFICE Co.,Ltd. – the major real estate agency.


Caspa Ginza

We run this as event space and rental meeting rooms. Since we are office design company, we also wanted to try this new business with our own designed facility.



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